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This site was created from a blank canvas and took several months to complete. It's markup language is PHP which allows for complex commands to be run on several MySql databases, the site is 'dynamic' meaning the recovered information is based upon parameters which are set by the web user, and the output to the page is dependant upon the input from the user.


SLBDistribution is a spin off from SLBDirectory, the website was created from a blank canvas, designed as a very simple, single page brochure site which incorporates a robust log-in area for customers to track exactly where their campaigns have been completed. The site uses multiple PHP functions to call the information from several MySql databases.


6 the greenhouse.co.uk is a website with 2 themes, one for the café and the other for the basement where they host live music and screen foreign films etc, the design was drawn up as an image initially and coded once the look was agreed upon, again everything has been created for this site from scratch, the logos, buttons and many of the images.


We built this site for a local mobile hairdresser, as with all of our work the site was coded from a blank canvas, everything has been created by us from a printed flyer, which at the time was the only available medium. The logo, images and buttons etc were all created in house.


Sandhills Community House is a registered charity offering support for the local residents, we were privileged to be asked to design their new website, it has an ever growing archive and a live event booking system, we are currently working on a new admin system which will incorporate the day to day running of the business.


Dillamores site is a replacement for one they have had for many years, our brief here was to bring the site up to date with some of the more modern styles, the focus was to be on the customer service side of the business hence the presence of so many testimonials.


Easy2slim is a very simple "brochure" website which we created to give a brand new venture it's 1st outing in the World Wide Web, there is only a single page to get the message across and is in keeping with the owners current theme on their facebook page.


Once again the site has been coded from a blank canvas the brief was to create a web presence with some very basic construction, as the expected clientele would mainly be elderly so our theme is simplicity but to remaining modern, again we have created the logo etc as there were no available files to use.


LB First is a not for profit group that operates in our own locality of Leighton Buzzard, we are committee members and our responsibility is for the website and communication, we built this, their 1st website in 2013, it features an event calendar as well as a forum and has ended up being quite a complex website.


Bodyworks website was a direct replacement for a template that they originally had built themselves, again it's a simple site with under 5 pages, although there is a testimonials section wich links directly to a database.


An example of no job being too small, The client had a hosting package with website builder included and he wasn't that familiar with technology so we were asked if we could build it for him, the site was ready to publish within a single day and at a fraction of the cost.


This was one of our own sites which was built in 2012 and is an extremely complex software application which has been manipulated and customised to suit our requirements, we have carried out extensive back end changes to the code etc to make this site function as we wanted it to. (this business has now been sold on but DesignsWeb still host it)


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